Unique gypsy experience

Not only in Slovenia, but in all of Europe! This is a unique opportunity to see and experience the the real gypsy life.

We visit a couple of gypsy villages in the far northeast of Slovenia, in the region called Prekmurje. They differ from each other, as some are more developed than others, so you can get the real picture. One of the settlements is the first and the most developed independent Gypsy Community in Europe. Everything from gypsy music… Read more

Into The Wild (Survival Program)

If you are an adventurous soul, this is a trip for you. Get lost with us in a beautiful forested landscape of Dolenjska region and feel nature’s heart beat again.

It is a 2-day overnight program, where you will learn how to survive hand-in-hand with nature, with not much more than a sleeping bag, jacket, and a knife. Skilled professionals will teach you primal… Read more

Short Hikes – Ljubljana

Have you had enough of casual sight-seeing but still have a few hours to spend? Join one of our short hikes, most popular for their close location and gorgeous views of the Alps.

Choose one of the top 2 destinations (45 or 90 minute hike):

  1. Smarna gora (669 metres, 2195 ft), altitude gain 300m, hiking 45 minutes one way… Read more

Mountain bike tours

Enjoy a nature getaway in the middle of Ljubljana City, while riding a mountain bike through it’s forested parks.

We picked out some top MTB paths, so you can feel the excitement or just explore the green jewels in the middle of our city.

Choose one of our 4 destinations:

  1. Tivoli and Rožnik (1-1.5 hrs cycling, easy… Read more

Conquer the Alps

Easy hike, with a magnificent view of Mt. Triglav, from Mt. Viševnik (2.050 m).

Slovenia is full of beautiful mountains, and we would love to take you on one of them – Mt. Viševnik (2.050 m). Don’t worry, Viševnik is considered one of the easiest mountain hikes in the Slovenian Alps and, therefore, is appropriate for almost everyone. At the top, we soak up magnificent views of Pokljuka plateau and the Alps and plan our next… Read more

Kayak trough Venice

Come and join us on a full day of Venice exploration in the best way possible: on a kayak.

You will be your own gondolier, exploring also the backwaters you can’t see by foot or even by a gondola. We simply see where the canals take us and create our own flow, past all the main attractions. We also stop for some sightseeing, coffee, or a beer… Read more

Our Happy Clients

” Enjoyable. Interesting. Instructive. Fun. Effortless. Relaxing… that’s how I would describe my Into the wild experience.”
Iris, Mengeš
“Into the wild: Educational and interesting adventure that you don’t want to miss.”
Klemen, Ljubljana
“Into the wild: Our instructor Bazo was very nice and very skilled. I now know some of the plants names and how to use them in case of emergency. I also learned how to make a fire in any weather condition, using a simple fire steel. I highly recommend this trip for all adventure nature lovers. “
Ram, Nepal
” Into the wild: I am honored to meet such a skilled man as Bazo – our guide. One of rare opportunities in life. ”
Jan, Ljubljana